2006-10-05 Rocks Off Boat Cruise New York, NY 
2006-09-06 Galapagos Art Space Brooklyn, NY 
2006-06-05 CBGB's New York, NY International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-06-04 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-06-02 Cabaret Du Musee Montreal, QC International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-06-01 L'Anti Quebec City, QC International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-31 Babylon Ottawa, ON International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-30 The Reverb Toronto, ON International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-29 Call the Office London, ON International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-27 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-26 Varsity Theatre Minneapolis, MN International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-25 Pyramid Cabaret Winnepeg, Man International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-24 The Distrikt Regina, SK International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-23 The Starlite Room Edmonton, AL International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-22 The Warehouse Calgary, AL International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-20 Plaza Club Vancouver, BC International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-19 El Corazon Seattle, WA International Noise Conspiracy 
2006-05-18 Berbati's Pan Portland, OR 
2006-05-16 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA 
2006-05-14 Belly-Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA Nine Black Alps 
2006-05-13 Troubadour West Hollywood, CA Nine Black Alps 
2006-05-12 Glasshouse Pomona, CA Nine Black Alps 
2006-05-06 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY Detachment Kit, Skeletonbreath 
2006-04-01 Magik Stick Detroit, MI Electric Six 
2006-03-31 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH Electric Six 
2006-03-30 Little Brother's Columbus, OH Electric Six 
2006-03-29 Southgate House Newport, KY Electric Six 
2006-03-28 The Vogue Indianapolis, IN Electric Six 
2006-03-27 Double Door Chicago, IL Electric Six 
2006-03-25 Mad Planet Milwaukee, WI Electric Six 
2006-03-24 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Electric Six 
2006-03-23 The Annex Madison, WI Electric Six 
2006-03-22 The Record Bar Kansas City, MO Electric Six 
2006-03-21 Mojo's Columbia, MO Electric Six 
2006-03-20 Bricktown Live Oklahoma City, OK Electric Six 
2006-03-17 Buffalo Billiards Austin, TX w/ dungen. elefant, diamond nights, sword 
2006-03-15 1415 Bar & Grill Houston, TX Moving Units 
2006-03-13 The End Nashville, TN whirlwind heat 
2006-03-11 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC 
2006-02-10 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Aberdeen City 
2005-07-23 Club NME @ Stoke Underground Stoke on Trent, UK 
2005-07-22 Liverpool Barfly Liverpool, UK 
2005-07-21 King Tuts Glasgow, UK 
2005-07-20 Joseph Wells Leeds, UK 
2005-07-19 Cardiff Barfly Cardiff, UK 
2005-07-17 Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland 
2005-07-17 Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland 
2005-07-16 Dour Festival Belgium 
2005-07-16 Dour Festival Belgium 
2005-07-15 Molotow Hamburg, Gemany 
2005-07-14 Underground Cologne, Germany 
2005-07-13 Atomic Cafe Munich, Germany 
2005-07-12 Spazio Festival Turin, Italy Death From Above 1979 
2005-07-09 Santander Summer Festival Santander, Spain 
2005-07-03 Motherfucker @ Spirit New York, NY 
2005-06-30 New City Likwid Lounge Edmonton, AL 
2005-05-21 Chesterfield Madrid, Spain 
2005-05-20 D'Manu Santander, Spain 
2005-05-19 Salamandra Barcelona, Spain 
2005-05-17 Abart Club Zurich, Switzerland Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-16 Flex Vienna, Austria Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-15 Elserhalle Munich, Germany Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-14 Maria Berlin, Germany Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-09 Les Nuits Botanique Brussells, Belgium Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-08 Melkweg Amsterdam, Holland Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-07 Nitetown Rotterdam, Holland Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-05 Concorde 2 Brighton, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-04 Koko London, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-05-02 Academy 2 Birmingham, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-04-30 Garage Glasgow, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-04-29 Leadmill Sheffield, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-04-28 Manchester Ritz Manchester, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-04-27 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, U.K. Hot Hot Heat, The Departure 
2005-03-26 Lansing-Dreiden Miami, Fl 
2005-03-24 People's Block Party Miami, FL Elkland,Electrocute, Mother Inc. 
2005-03-02 Crash Mansion New York The Natural History, Blue Sparks 
2005-02-12 The Square Harlow-Essex, UK 
2005-02-11 Barfly Cardiff, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-10 Garage London, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-09 Portland Arms Cambridge, UK 
2005-02-07 Bar Academy Birmingham, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-06 Night & Day Manchester, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-05 King Tuts Glasgow, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-04 Cockpit Leeds, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-03 Corporation Sheffield, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-02 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-02-01 Zodiac Oxford, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-01-31 Freebutt Brighton, UK Death From Above 1979 
2005-01-22 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY The Sights, Dynasty 
2004-12-04 Frog @ Mean Fiddler London, UK 
2004-12-03 Infinity Club London, UK Special Needs, The Scanners 
2004-12-02 Monarch London, UK Long Cut 
2004-12-02 Nottingham Stealth Nottingham, UK Special Needs 
2004-11-30 Buffalo Bar London, UK Special Needs 
2004-11-21 Webster Hall New York City, NY The Hives 
2004-11-20 El Salon Montreal, QU 
2004-11-19 El Mocambo Club Toronto, ON 
2004-11-17 The Dame Lexington, KY VHS or Beta 
2004-11-15 40 Watt Club Athens, GA VHS or Beta 
2004-11-13 The Social Orlando, FL VHS or Beta 
2004-11-12 Club Downunder Tallahassee, FL VHS or Beta 
2004-11-11 The Parish @ HOB New Orleans, LA VHS or Beta 
2004-11-10 Mary Janes Houston, TX VHS or Beta 
2004-11-09 Emo's Austin, TX VHS or Beta 
2004-11-08 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas, TX VHS or Beta 
2004-11-06 Plush Tuscon, AZ VHS or Beta 
2004-11-04 Echo Los Angeles, CA VHS or Beta 
2004-11-03 Spaceland Silver Lake, CA VHS or Beta 
2004-11-02 The Glasshouse Pomona, CA VHS or Beta 
2004-11-01 Bottom of the Hill San Fransisco, CA VHS or Beta 
2004-10-30 Dante's Portland, OR VHS or Beta 
2004-10-29 Picadilly Pub Vancouver, BC 
2004-10-28 Chop Suey Seattle, WA VHS or Beta, Har Mar Superstar 
2004-10-26 Crazy Goat Salt Lake City, UT VHS or Beta 
2004-10-25 Bender's Denver, CO VHS or Beta 
2004-10-23 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI VHS or Beta 
2004-10-22 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL VHS or Beta 
2004-10-21 Shelter @ St. Andrew's Hall Detroit, MI VHS or Beta 
2004-10-20 The Patio Indianapolis, IN VHS or Beta 
2004-10-19 Club 101 Columbus, OH VHS or Beta 
2004-10-18 Disco Rodeo Raleigh, NC The Faint 
2004-10-16 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY Sparta, Coheed & Cambria 
2004-10-15 Maxwell's Hoboken,NJ VHS or Beta, The Bravery 
2004-10-13 Lupo's Providence, RI The Faint 
2004-10-08 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH The Faint 
2004-10-06 The High Noon Saloon Madison, WI 
2004-10-05 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN The Faint 
2004-10-04 Sokol Auditorium Omaha, NE The Faint 
2004-08-14 418 Space Santa Cruz, CA Moving Units 
2004-08-11 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA 
2004-08-10 The Casbah San Diego, CA The Waxwings 
2004-08-07 Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA Moving Units 
2004-08-05 The Smell Los Angeles, CA Moving Units 
2004-08-03 The Key Club Los Angeles, CA 
2004-08-01 Standard Hotel Rooftop Los Angeles, CA 
2004-07-31 Che Cafe San Diego, CA Moving Units 
2004-07-30 Hard to Find Place Santa Barbara, CA Moving Units 
2004-07-29 Spin Office New York, NY 
2004-07-17 Siren Festival Coney Island Death Cab for Cutie, Trail of Dead, Blonde Redhead, TV on the Radio, Mission of Burma 
2004-07-16 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Electric Six 
2004-07-15 North Star Bar Philadelphia, PA Electric Six 
2004-07-02 Middle East Upstairs Cambridge, MA 
2004-07-01 Nectars Burlington, VT Death From Above 
2004-06-30 El Salon Montreal, QUE Death From Above 
2004-06-29 Zaphod Beeblebrox Ottawa, ONT Death From Above 
2004-06-28 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, ONT Death From Above 
2004-06-26 Lager House Detroit,MI Death From Above 
2004-06-25 Empty Bottle Chicago,IL Death From Above 
2004-06-24 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI Death From Above 
2004-06-23 Triple Rock Minneapolis,MN 
2004-06-21 Little Brothers Columbus,OH Death From Above 
2004-06-20 The Back Porch Toledo,OH Death From Above 
2004-06-19 Top Cats Cincinnati,OH Death From Above 
2004-06-18 The World Pittsburgh,PA Death From Above 
2004-06-17 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights,OH Death From Above 
2004-05-21 Bowery Ballroom NYC, NY A.R.E. Weapons & Robbers on High Street 
2004-05-01 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH Radio 4 
2004-04-30 Headliners Music Hall Louisville, KY Radio 4, VHS or Beta 
2004-04-29 The Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL Radio 4 
2004-04-28 Triple Rock Minneapolis, MN Radio 4 
2004-04-27 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI Radio 4 
2004-04-26 Shelter @ St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI Radio 4 
2004-04-25 Otto Bar Baltimore, MD Radio 4 
2004-04-22 North Star Bar Philadelphia, PA Radio 4 
2004-04-21 Middle East Boston, MA Radio 4 
2004-03-25 The Kyhber Philadelphia, PA Rogers Sisters 
2004-03-24 Black Cat Back Stage Washington D.C. Rogers Sisters 
2004-03-23 Go! Room Four Carrboro, NC Rogers Sisters 
2004-03-22 The Pilot Light Knoxville, TN Rogers Sisters 
2004-03-20 Fourth St. Station Austin, TX the Stills, Death From Above 
2004-03-19 Red Eyed Fly Austin, TX Secret Machines, Rogers Sisters, The Hiss, Greenhornes, Starlite Desperation 
2004-03-18 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas, TX Von Bondies, Trans Am, Rogers Sisters 
2004-03-17 Rudyard's Beer Bar Houston, TX Secret Machines, The Apes, Modey Lemon 
2004-03-16 Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack Little Rock, AR Secret Machines 
2004-03-15 The End Nashville, TN Trans Am, Secret Machines 
2004-03-14 Hi-Tone Memphis, TN Secret Machines 
2004-03-13 The Mockbee Cincinnati, OH Secret Machines 
2004-03-12 31st St. Pub Pittsburgh, PA Secret Machines 
2004-03-11 Beachland Tavern Cleveland, OH Secret Machines 
2004-02-25 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY Von Bondies 
2004-01-24 Mercury Lounge New York, NY The Affair 
2004-01-13 Pianos New York, NY 
2003-12-31 Don Hill's New York, NY The Flesh, Madison Strays 
2003-12-30 Mercury Lounge New York, NY the Realistics, Longwave 
2003-12-13 Casbah San Diego, CA the Vue 
2003-12-12 The Echo Echo Park, CA the Vue 
2003-12-10 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA the Vue, Kill Me Tomorrow 
2003-12-09 Bottom of the Hill San Fransisco, CA the Vue 
2003-10-25 Etnies Showroom New York, NY Starlight Desperation 
2003-10-23 Luna Lounge New York, NY Low Flying Owls, The Deadmen 
2003-10-22 Webster Hall New York, NY My Morning Jacket, VHS or Beta, Killing Joke, Black Box Recorder, New Deal 
2003-10-09 Axis Boston, MA Hot Hot Heat, A.R.E. Weapons 
2003-10-08 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY The Kills, Soledad Bros. 
2003-10-06 Little Brother's Columbus, OH The Kills 
2003-10-05 Beachland Tavern Cleveland, OH The Kills 
2003-10-04 Magik Stick Detroit, MI The Kills, Soledad Bros. 
2003-10-03 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL The Kills 
2003-10-02 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI The Kills 
2003-10-01 The Annex Madison, WI The Kills
2003-09-30 7th St. Entry Minneapolis, MN The Kills 
2003-09-27 Southgate House Newport, KY 
2003-09-26 The Upstage Pittsburgh, PA 
2003-09-20 Vuadeville Mews Des Moines, IA 
2003-09-03 Sin-e New York, NY The Stills, Blue Sparks, Sea Ray 
2003-08-30 John St. Bar New York, NY 
2003-08-20 Plaid New York, NY Aerial Love Feed 
2003-08-19 Plaid New York, NY 
2003-08-13 Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA Moving Units 
2003-08-12 The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA Moving Units 
2003-08-06 Jerry's Bakersfield, CA Moving Units 
2003-07-20 John St. Bar New York, NY 
2003-07-19 Luxx New York, NY Vic Thrill 
2003-07-17 Mercury Lounge New York, NY Whirlwind Heat 
2003-07-16 Agora Ballroom Cleveland, OH Hot Hot Heat, Metric, Vue 
2003-07-15 Top Cat\'s Cincinatti, OH Hot Hot Heat, Metric, Vue 
2003-07-13 The Nick Birmingham, AL Hot Hot Heat, Vue 
2003-07-12 Exit In Nashville, TN Hot Hot Heat, Vue, Metric 
2003-07-11 Cotton Club Atlanta, GA Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-07-10 40 Watt Athens, GA Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-07-09 Ziggy\'s Winston- Salem, NC Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-07-07 Ottobar Baltimore, MD Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-07-03 Motherfucker Party @ Eugene's New York, NY 
2003-07-01 Norva Norfolk, VA Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-06-30 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-06-29 Rosebud Pittsburgh, PA Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units 
2003-06-28 Bridge Street Syracuse, NY Hot Hot Heat, the Vue 
2003-06-20 The Garage Upstairs London, UK Gertrude 
2003-06-19 The Garage London, UK Cursive 
2003-06-18 The Metro London, UK 90 Day Men 
2003-06-17 Barfly London, UK Young Heart Attack, Earlimart 
2003-06-16 Portland Arms Cambridge, UK 
2003-06-14 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY James Chance, Electric Six 
2003-05-17 North Six Brooklyn, NY Stellastarr* 
2003-05-14 Discotech New York, NY 
2003-05-03 Pussycat Lounge New York, NY 
2003-04-19 Tis Was @ Don Hills New York, NY Mommy & Daddy, Red Red 
2003-04-08 Mercury Lounge New York, NY Washdown, Sahara Hotnights 
2003-04-04 Pianos New York, NY the Flesh 
2003-03-20 Pianos New York, NY 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster, the Holdsteady 
2003-03-15 Le Privelege Austin, TX Dead Meadow, Elefant, Radio Vago, The Witnesses 
2003-03-07 Mercury Lounge New York, NY the Witnesses, Blue Sparks, the Realistics 
2003-02-16 Shout! @ Bar 13 New York, NY the Vexers 
2003-01-24 Pianos New York, NY 
2003-01-11 Tis Was @ Don Hills New York, NY Autodrone, Saintface 
2002-12-19 Luxx New York, NY the Stills, Broke Revue, the Somnambulants 
2002-12-14 Luna Lounge New York, NY the Izzys 
2002-11-15 CBGB Lounge New York, NY Crimson Sweet 
2002-11-09 Pianos New York, NY Circle & Square 
2002-10-30 John St. Bar New York, NY the Rapture 
2002-10-30 Luxx New York, NY Sea Ray, Broke Revue 
2002-10-25 Local Brooklyn, NY Del Gators 
2002-10-17 WFMU live set Patterson, NJ 
2002-09-14 CBGB Lounge New York, NY 
2002-07-26 CBGB Lounge New York, NY the Flesh, ATM 
2002-06-21 CBGB's New York, NY ? and the Mysterians, the Witnesses 
2002-06-09 Warsaw Brooklyn, NY Dimentia 13, the Gants 
2002-06-07 CBGB Lounge New York, NY the Flesh 
2002-05-29 Knitting Factory New York, NY the Reachers, the Flesh 
2002-05-11 CBGB Lounge New York, NY ATM